Usher Transport, Inc, and Keeptruckin Announce Partnership

Usher Transport, Inc, and Keeptruckin Announce Partnership

Aug 27, 2020 Usher Transport, Inc, and Keeptruckin Announce Partnership image

Today, I am happy to announce the partnership between Usher Transport, Inc, and Keeptruckin. Keeptruckin is an electronic logging and telematics company that burst onto the scene several years ago and is now the #1 rated ELD company in the United States and is the provider for more than 55,000 companies across the world and continues to grow annually.

So why the change? Our drivers and owner-operators deserve a better ELD experience. Keeptruckin focuses heavily on the driver experience while interacting with the ELD interface; ease of use seems to be at the top of their priority list when designing their products.  Our drivers perform a challenging job every single day; the last thing they need is the technology that is unreliable and difficult to use. Deciding to on-board Keeptruckin greatly diminishes those frustrations while providing a solution that works as it should.

We are also implementing the Keeptruckin Dash Camera System that works alongside the ELD. As you likely all know, trucking is not what it was 20-years ago. We live and work in an environment where speed limits, insurance costs, and traffic volumes have all increased significantly. We can’t afford to do business without the protection a dash-cameras provides. Dash-cameras are peace of mind and security for our drivers, owner-operators, and the organization. We all deserve this protection, and the Keeptruckin cameras offer it.

Lastly, along with this implementation comes driver tablets. Each driver and owner-operator will now be issued a Samsung tablet. The possibilities are nearly endless as it relates to the utilization and efficiencies this provides for our fleet and our customers alike. Communication, being one of the huge pros the tablet offers, is only the tip of the iceberg.

To be competitive in today’s market, carriers must provide not only dependable, reliable service, but stable and secure technology as well. Some of the first questions our sales team gets when bidding for new business are related to our in-cab technology. We live in a connected world; customers want to live, real-time updates, and delivery windows. The KT platform offers these capabilities with extreme accuracy and can automate nearly all of these functions. So not only does switching to KT offer a better experience for our drivers and owner-operators, it also makes us more competitive in an already overly competitive market. The transportation business is all about what we, as a carrier, can offer the customer. With this implementation, we’ve taken a necessary step forward in making ourselves more marketable and attractive to customers. We’ve got the quality service, after all, it’s our only product, now we have the technology to complement it.

I am genuinely excited about this partnership. The Keeptruckin platform is an excellent foundation to advance our safety, level of driver satisfaction, and become a more marketable organization.

Here’s a link if you would like to learn more about who KT is and what they’re about:

Beau Mosley,

Executive Vice President, Safety & HR.