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I have been with Usher Transport for almost 7 years and Usher is one of the most upright companies that I’ve ever worked for. The management and dispatchers work with us as a team and really care about us. It is a big deal knowing you have a good support staff behind you while out on the road.

Cal Easley

Such a great company to work for with endless opportunities to grow. I truly take pride in my work, also the management has our backs. The Usher team is like family and they care about my family as well.

Jeff Stewart

Best company I have ever worked for and very family oriented. They care about you and your family. Safety is #1.

Jimmie Huffer

I was new to the petroleum trade, but Usher Transport provided thorough training. I’ve been treated well by everyone in the company. I’m planning on staying here until I retire!

Chuck Kyllonen

Best carrier move that I have ever made! I am here until I retire!

Mark Floyd

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Hear From Our Clients

With four major hurricanes making landfall, the 2017 hurricane season was devastating to millions of people. Texas, with its robust refining infrastructure, found itself literally without supply for several weeks as record-breaking floods from Harvey destroyed businesses and personal property alike. Meanwhile, states like Florida faced extraordinary challenges when Irma hit as fuel supplies were already tight due to pipeline shutdowns from the Gulf. Then, Puerto Ricans watched helplessly as Maria destroyed entire communities and knocked out power to more than 75% of the island for months! Through these challenging times, Atlas Oil Company’s Emergency Fueling Team relied on you to help those left in the dark after the storms.

When Atlas Oil sprang into action for a record breaking quadruple deployment, you and your team did not hesitate to join the life-saving efforts. Your hard work, comradery, and collaboration are greatly appreciated, not only by the Atlas team, but by those whose lives were touched by the efforts of your drivers.

Our partnership throughout the 2017 hurricane season was invaluable as we sent 80+ assets into the areas hit hardest by this year’s devastating storms. Working with government agencies like FEMA, the Department of Defense, major oil companies, and mission critical organizations including hospitals, nursing homes, and dialysis centers, our team saved lives and restored hope to communities that had lost everything.

Atlas Oil Company thanks you for your efforts during the 2017 hurricane season, and we look forward to growing the relationship between our companies in the coming years.

Robert Kenyon – Atlas Oil Company