Jim Lagler Retiring after 25 years of Service

Sep 1, 2021 Jim Lagler Retiring after 25 years of Service image

To all concern,


Please take a moment to recognize Jim Lagler. Its difficult to put into words the level of contribution Mr. Lagler has put into this company and his role over the last 25 years. To start, he quite literally built the rail services division from the ground up. His expertise in DTL refueling and transloading enabled the company to diversify in a way that had never been done before. His training, process driven approach, and ability to serve the customer was, in my opinion, ahead of its time.


Not only has Jim built a division of the company that is revered by its customer base, he has diligently planned and executed the transfer of leadership which is equally as important. The results speak for themselves. Rail Services is continuing to grow in both is size and reputation and that is not possible without solid leadership. Jim, we can’t thank you enough. Personally, you have been a boss, colleague, teacher, and friend, and we will always consider you family. Again, please take moment to recognize an outstanding career and individual. Thank you, Jim Lagler.



Ryan Usher


Usher Transport, Inc.