Day Two of Usher Transport Christmas Giveaways!

Dec 9, 2020 Day Two of Usher Transport Christmas Giveaways! image

Welcome to Day 2 of the Giveaways!

Today we are giving out 8 more prizes! We hope that you all are enjoying these as much as we are excited to be giving items away.

Todays winners are:

UT Belt – Gary Barner

Tool Set – Patrick Hamer

Portable Vacuum – Jerald Taylor

UT Lunch Box – Jiri Drkula

Air Fryer – Ray Perry

UT Blanket – Justin Huett

UT Blanket – Cindy Bailey

Crock Pot – Rolland Baptist

After all the drawings are over, we will get items shipped to your home terminal or directly to you. Please look for correspondence for that at a later date.

Stay tuned for more pictures and videos posted here and on our social media sites of our winners throughout the month!