Day 6 of Usher Transport Christmas Giveaways

Dec 18, 2020 Day 6 of Usher Transport Christmas Giveaways image

Welcome to Day 6 of the Giveaways!

Today we are giving out 15 more prizes! We hope that you all are enjoying these as much as we are excited to be giving items away.

Todays winners are:

Air Fryer – Dan Lovings

UT Belt – Frederick Schaffner

UT Belt – Larrabee Arms

UT Lunch Bag – Amber Mink

UT Lunch Bag – James Greenlee

UT Lunch Bag – Carlos Arias

UT Blanket – George Williams

UT Blanket – Nathan Hayden

UT Blanket – Kevin George

Portable Grill – Patrick Resilard

JBL Speaker – Mike Campbell

Keurig – Tony Stinnett

UT Cup – Kevin Simpson

UT Cup – Randy Jackson

TV – Ron Howard

After all the drawings are over, we will get items shipped to your home terminal or directly to you. Please look for correspondence for that at a later date.

We will have one more drawing next week to finish out our Christmas Giveaways!